Pray for Trey T-Shirt

Pray for Trey T-Shirt

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Pray for Trey - T-Shirt.
  • Very soft.
  • Unisex sizing - Perfect for everyone.
  • Machine washable. Hang dry to prevent shrinking.
  • Proceeds will go to Trey and his family     ❤
Trey's surgeon removed a large portion of the large tumor. The portion of the tumor that’s growing in the brain stem will be treated with radiation and chemo along with the smaller inoperable tumor. Treys oncology team met to discuss what treatments they think are best for him.. The words we are hearing from these doctors are anything but encouraging.  His family is trying to seek out any other treatments and options at this time.

"These treatments will not necessarily give hope of cure – more of keeping things stable. We are not saying at all that there is no hope. We are saying that Medulloblastoma is a very difficult tumor to treat when it recurs. We have seen some instances where this treatment does help stabilize the tumor from growing for many years."

"Medulloblastoma is harder to cure once it comes back. Treatment could include re-irradiation. Suggestion is to start with chemotherapy first. Trey’s brain tumor – Medulloblastoma – is highly malignant. Brain tumors are not “staged” like other cancers. His is classified as World Health Organization (WHO) Grade IV – which means it is highly aggressive."

This little boy is so brave and strong!
We can do hard things
Miracles happen everyday!
Pray for Trey    ❤